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Young Roma women met Michelle Obama in a event to promote education for girls all over the world [editar]


Young Roma women met Michelle Obama in a event to promote education for girls all over the world

Michelle Obama received 500 women, among them a group of Young Roma women were invited by the EEUU embassy. The event took place on the 30th of June  at Centro Cultural Matadero in Madrid. The objective was to foster the solidary initiative “Let Girls Learn” which aims promoting the education of the girls all over the world.

EEUU First Lady came to Madrid on 29th of June along with her mother and two daughters, in a work visit to defend the right to education of all girls in the world. Queen Letizia also supported the initiative participating in the event.

“Let Girls Learn” project aims to change the view of the value same at individual, communitarian and institutional, promote a favorable environment for the education for teenagers and involve girls to take decisions and contributions to the society.

This initiative promote existing programs and invest in new efforts to increase the education opportunities for girls even in the crisis and conflict areas. The initiative engages resources to improve the life of teenagers all over the world. It has the collaboration of experts stressing the solutions addressed to help the students completing their education.  

In March 2015, EEUU President and First Lady started “Let Girls Learn” which put together the State Department, the United States Agency for International Development and other bodies and programs to face the challenges to get a quality education that favors the students’ potential.  


6 out of 10 Roma girls drop school before ending secondary school

Roma community in our country is nowadays far away of admissible standards regarding education.  6 out of 10 young Roma drop compulsory education without getting the basic academic degree. Roma women suffer double discrimination since they are discriminated as Roma and woman.

The Promociona program, the Luis Sáez grants for young university students are FSG´s proposes to get continuity and success in the formal education.   

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