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A video summarizes the impact of the campaign #LEONORDEJALAESCUELA (Leonor drops out school)

It shows how the campaign was made in order to sensitize people about the early school dropouts


A video summarizes the impact of the campaign #LEONORDEJALAESCUELA (Leonor drops out school)<br>Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) just edited a video summarizing the impact of the campaign #LEONORDEJALAESCUELA.

This campaign seeks to make visible the high rates of early school dropouts inside the  Roma community (six out of ten kids leave the classrooms without ending high school) and aims to show the obstacles children face to achieve success in education.

The two minutes video summarizes why and how the campaign was designed, and which communication strategies were employed to reach 74 million views. The piece, edited by the advertising agency DDB in Spanish and English will be used as an identification card in marketing communication’s festivals. Moreover, it will close the campaign with the measurement of the impact in media and social networks.

What is the video about?

What is the video about?
The video describes how the campaign was launched, and how the name “Leonor” was used as an advertising hook in order to convert the kid’s education in a matter of State importance.
The journalist Ana Pastor, introduced the #LeonorDejaLaEscuela hashtag, making believe during a few hours that the princess was about to quit school. After the scandal and the commotion shown in social networks, the journalist revealed that Leonor was in fact a gypsy little girl who could have left her studies before completing high school.
A video with the real Leonor’s story and the one of other real kids showing how their dreams were facing a wall of rejection provoking them to quit school, enabled people to be more aware about the seriousness of a social issue which almost no one pays attention.

In addition to this videotape, the campaign relies on different pieces: microsite, brochure, poster and other graphic and video adaptations designed for social networks.