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Castilla y Leon Autonomous Community makes history including Roma History in the educative curricula [editar]

FSG releases a statement celebrating the pioneering and historical decision of the Castilla y Leon government


Castilla y Leon Autonomous Community makes history including Roma History in the educative curricula

FSG is celebrating the decision from the Education Council of Castilla y León to develop Educational Units and innovative curriculum materials for the study and dissemination of the history and culture of Roma. The adaptation of these materials are expected to be mandatory.

This decision should be an example for other Spanish communities. A working group will be created to elaborate these materials, for which the proposals and considerations of the main institutions and entities representing the Roma community will be taken into account, FSG being one of them.

FSG consider this historic event especially relevant because with a community of 750,000 Spanish citizens will see their history and culture promoted. While the majority of the people in Spain have been included in common historical and cultural narrative, a segment of the population hasn´t seen itself included in that narrative.

The dissemination of the history and culture of Roma within the curricula will contribute to better the understanding of the Roma community, promoting a more plural and diverse social image of the Roma people and overcome lots of stereotypes and prejudices. Roma children will finally see themselves portrayed in the educative materials; this will help to bridge the gap between Roma families and the educational system, which will motivate these families to continuity with their studies.

The lack of knowledge of the history and culture of Roma, caused by the absence of any mention of them in public institutions has contributed to the dissemination of the negative social image of this community.  These stereotypes and prejudices prevent Roma to a dignified personal and professional development which unable them to fully exercise their citizenship.

This decision signifies an advancement towards a more inclusive and integrated educative system that promotes educational equality, guaranties equal rights and opportunities for all.

It is within the educative sector where you find the gravest inequality that affects Roma. The studies show that the school dropout rate of Spanish Roma students is 64% compared to 13% of the general rate. In the case of the early school dropout, the rate among young Spanish Roma is 63, 7%. These figures show the need of urgent measures to promote student success among Roma.

For all these reasons, FSG celebrates this Castilla y León Government decision and encourage the rest of the Autonomous Communities to follow the example of this pioneering initiative.

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