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FSG 2015 Awards: Prosecutor Miguel A. Aguilar; Accenture Foundation; journalist Ana Pastor; Fernando de los Rios Secondary School (Granada) and Pascual Jiménez "Uncle Pascual". [editar]

The awards recognize the commitment and effort of individuals or entities performing outstanding work in defense and support of the Roma community into five categories.


FSG 2015 Awards: Prosecutor Miguel A. Aguilar; Accenture Foundation; journalist Ana Pastor; Fernando de los Rios Secondary School (Granada) and Pascual Jiménez

The winners of the 2015 FSG Awards: Prosecutor Miguel A. Aguilar; Accenture Foundation; journalist Ana Pastor; Fernando de los Rios Secondary School (Granada) and Pascual Jiménez "Uncle Pascual" will receive them in a ceremony that will take place at SGAE in Madrid.

The FSG prizes recognizes the compromise and efforts of people, companies, institutions, entities or initiatives that contribute significantly to changing the lives of the most vulnerable Roma people. With their work, these individuals and institutions develop an important effort in the defense and support of the Roma community. Providing them with access to full citizenship and the promotion of an equal treatment and the acknowledgement by society.

In its 2015 edition, the FSG prizes are being renewed to include five new categories that highlight the social, cultural and humanitarian work of people, groups, entities and institutions on a national and international level related to the advancement of social inclusion and personal wellbeing of the Roma people. This is in line with the values and the work that FSG promotes.

In this edition, a jury made up of people from a variety of social, cultural and business background were in charge of assessing the candidatures and selecting the winners. The jury has been composed by Antoni Bruel, Red Cross general secretary; Isaias Lafuente, journalist and writer; Salvador Más de Xaxás, founder and president of the Exit Foundation; Marta Colomina, manager of the PWC Foundation; Tere Peña, journalist and music producer; Antonio Carmona, flamenco artist; and Valentín Suarez, secretary of the FSG Board of Trustees.

The jury decided on each of the categories:

  • Category Transforming Company: Accenture Foundation for its initiative "Together for Employment"

The jury was particularly impressed by its impact on the training and employment of the most vulnerable and their strong commitment to the Roma community. Their ability to join in a collective effort government, social organizations and businesses to deepen the needs, identify solutions and implement them together. As a laboratory of social innovation for the most vulnerable.

  • Category Solidarity with R (Solidarity with Roma): The Coordinator of the Barcelona Fiscal Service for Hate Crimes Prosecutor, Miguel Angel Aguilar, for defending cases of hate crimes and discrimination and the creation of the first Prosecution of Hate Crimes and Discrimination.

The jury was particularly impressed by his courage as a pioneer in the fight against hate crimes and discrimination in Spain and its leadership as inspiration and reference to put in the center of the agenda of prosecuting hate crimes and discrimination.

  • Category Conscious Communication: The journalist Ana Pastor, for her involvement in the campaign #LeonorDropoutschool and professionalism in addressing communication issues related to the Roma community.

The jury has particularly valued their personal and professional involvement with the 'Roma cause' to take a leading role in the awareness campaign #LeonorDejaLaEscuela, thus contributing significantly to its impact and visibility of the educational situation of Roma students.

  • Category Education is Future: IES Fernando de los Rios de Fuente Vaqueros (Granada) for their attention to diversity and quality in education.

The jury particularly appreciated the involvement and commitment of the whole school in the educational attention of the most disadvantaged students, achieving significantly reduce the rate of school failure. "A heroic effort that goes beyond wage and hour and shows that reducing school failure is possible" in the words of the jury.

  • Category Pere Jimenez, “Uncle Peret”: Pascual Jimenez, Uncle Pascual (Zaragoza) for its impulse to Roma associations in Spain and its leadership as a role model for Roma and non-Roma.

The jury particularly valued his contribution to the social inclusion of Roma people, not only as one of the precursors of Roma associative movement, through the impetus to the creation of the Secretariats of the Pastoral Roma, but also in the political field as well as of social participation.

In previous editions of the FSG Awards, the anthropologist Teresa San Román; Roma MEP Lívia Járóka and the Roma student Leonarda Dibrani were awarded.


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