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Acceder Program: 15 years working for Roma social inclusion

On December 2 FSG held a public event at Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, to show the impact of the Acceder program. Spectacular results promoting employment and education to transform the lives of thousands of people across Spain


Acceder program has become a reference initiative in social inclusion programs for vulnerable people, particularly for Roma community. With outstanding results that made substantial changes in thousands of people´s life. The personalized methodology in collaboration with companies allow to get very good results even in the years that economic crisis hit the most excluded people.  “Acceder is a good example of the social value that social promotion programs and its contribution at mid and long term instead of assistentialist measures” stated Isidro Rodríguez, Fundación Secretariado Gitano General Director.  

15 Years Celebration event

On December 2, FSG held a public event in Madrid, to show the full impact of these 15 years and publicize social transformation and promotion for Roma through Acceder program. With this action we want to thank the public and private funders, and to strengthen the commitment to those who have supported the work of these years, convinced that the results demonstrate that it is a transformative social investment, with significant impact on the life of people.

During the opening ceremony Pedro Puente, president of FSG, he recalled that "Access, a new and successful initiative, born of a strong conviction we maintain still very much alive: poverty, exclusion, rejection and social inequality are not inherent in our society or certain individuals. No one can be condemned to exclusion and a condition of second-class citizenship as has happened with the Roma community over successive generations".

Throughout the day, simultaneous activities in different spaces and times happened showing the impact of Acceder program involving companies and public administrations.

This celebration counted with representatives of international organizations such as Jan Jarab, Chief of Cabinet of the European Commissioner for Employment Vladimir Spidla in 2004-2009 and current Representative for Europe of the Office of Human Rights of the United Nations. From the Community administration, Stefan Olsson, Director of Employment of the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the European Commission. From the Spanish General administration of the State, Carmen Casero, General Director of the Autonomous Work of Social Economy Enterprises of Ministry of Employment and Social Security and Salome Adroher, Director General of Services for Families and Children of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, as well as regional and local authorities who participated during these 15 years.

A social and economic impact investment

The FSG launched the Acceder program in 2000 with the purpose of promoting paid employment for Roma as an access to employment and social inclusion. In 2009, the creation of Promociona Program incorporated actions of support and educational guidance.

Acceder has contributed to changing the mentality of many Roma families placing employment and education at the center of their lives. It also made public administrations, businesses and social partners aware of the social reality experienced by Roma in Spain. It has been noticed that Acceder is an efficient program. European example of "best practices". The impact has successfully passed all expectations.

Results that change lifes

Since its launch, Acceder it´s been increasing staff, now it counts with 50 teams, 320 professionals, achieving spectacular results. Until 30 October this year, it served 87,889 people, provided employment to 23,918 people, led to 62 334 labor contracts, trained 27,059 people through 3,340 training courses throughout Spain. Thanks to a close cooperation and trust of 20,924 partner companies.

Education, essential for social inclusion

The second period of Acceder Program (2007/2014) brought the opportunity to incorporate education as a key element to provide a more comprehensive approach. Promociona program born in 2009. A program of educational support and guidance that focuses on work with students, families and schools. Their results have shown that school failure can be fought. It worked with more than 1,500 students and their families in 350 schools, getting 80% of the students participating in ESO promoted and 86% continue to their post obligatory studies.

Acceder in Europe, new approaches and strategies.

The funding through the European Social Fund provides outreach that favored the transfer of the program model to countries like Bosnia, Romania and southern Italy.