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Close to 10,000 people get to know the work of Fundación Secretariado Gitano on its open day in its 54 branches


Under the slogan “Come, there is a lot which unites us” Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) opened the doors of its 54 branches today to share its work with local people, organizations, and companies



More than 10,000 people including representatives of organizations and companies, members and friends, participated in the first Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) Open Day. “We wanted to open the doors to our 54 offices throughout Spain to allow people to see for themselves the work we do with and for Roma people, but also to create a space for celebration and coexistence. It's been a unique opportunity to share the vision and commitment which unites us”, says Isidoro Rodríguez, general director of FSG.

Under the slogan “Come, there is a lot that unites us” FSG has celebrated this Open Day simultaneously in its 54 offices all over Spain, each with its own program of activities adapted to its work, its neighborhood, and the people with whom it works, who actively participated in all the activities. 

In Madrid the open day took place in the main headquarters of the FSG in Vallecas. It kicked off at 6 in the evening with a musical batucada performance promoting education, in collaboration with the Associación La Kalle. Furthermore, and at the same time, the youngest attendees were able to enjoy open air activities such as a bow making workshop, face painting, a bouncing castle, painting a mural or Roma storytelling. The older attendees were treated to a master class in flamenco, taught by Kelian Jiménez, a workshop in how to play the cajón, and finally a concert by Tito Losada. Radio Vallekas transmitted the open day live, and the Muga bookshop put titles related to the Roma community on display.

“I'm really glad I came with my children. I heard that there were going to be activities for kids and workshops and I've a wonderful time, but the ones who really enjoyed themselves were the children.” says  Begoña Baeza, Vallecas resident. “I didn't know about the work that this NGO is doing and it's been really interesting, I'm sure I'll have more contact with them in the future”.

In addition, through the use of screens, information points, exhibitions, a series of screenings and the direct testimonials of the Roma people we work with, more than 300 Vallecas Open Day attendees were able to get an idea of the work that FSG does to promote Roma people and learn some of the key points about the foundation's work last year, included in the Informe Anual 2013 which FSG will publish in full next week.

In 2013, FSG reached 105,400 people, the majority of them Roma, through 404 programs, centered, above all, in employment, education, housing and the fight against discrimination.
Through the employment program Acceder 16,274 people found employment, 4,501 contracts were signed and 3,677 people received quality training orientated towards increasing job opportunties. In Madrid alone 148 people found employment and 222 contracts were signed thanks to Acceder. “In education, our program Promociona has taken shape and we've worked directly with 531 students, 430 families, and 123 educational centres.”

This open day was also “an opportunity to thank FSG members and collaborators for their involvement and trust in our project” said Madrid's FSG director, Rocio García. Their support is essential to continue the struggle for equal opportunties for all, including Roma people.